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Van Mossel fotografie

Van Mossel

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About Van Mossel & NOBEARS

In more than 75 years, the mobility company Van Mossel Automotive Group has grown into the largest automotive company in the Benelux. The company has 402 branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Luxembourg.

NOBEARS is an agency with digital business developers, with all the knowledge and development in-house to turn an idea into a working online business model.

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The question

Agency NOBEARS is working on the new online platform 'Van Mossel Energy'. This new platform requires personalized content - in other words, tailor-made automotive photography for Van Mossel.

We are very proud to have been given the confidence to create these tailor-made photos for the largest car company in the Benelux on behalf of NOBEARS.

J-A media van Mossel
Miss Nederland Van Mossel

Our work

With an eye for the smallest details, we carefully chose the right setting, lighting and perspectives to create images that perfectly match the customer's expectations - electric driving at Van Mossel.

The result? Together with NOBEARS we succeeded in creating tailor-made content that will be used on the new platform for Van Mossel Energie. See more photos below for a good impression of our work.

Marijn Berg - Team Lead Content at NOBEARS

"From our agency, we sought a collaboration with J-A media for a large automotive client. A substantial two-day shoot, with multiple models and locations. J-A media did the photography.

The end result: a large amount of very nice photos, and a very satisfied customer. J-A media was very flexible during the shoot (much more photos than originally intended) and also during the editing phase (many more photos edited than expected). Thanks guys!"

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