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Instagram: trends & tips in 2022

The use of Instagram continues to increase, also in 2022. This provides opportunities for a company to reach your target group even better. What are Instagram trends in 2022? And read tips that will be useful for your Instagram in 2022.

Instagram is growing, also in 2022

An Instagram reel is a short vertical video that you can record, edit and provide with music via the Instagram app. You can share this Instagram video so that your followers and people who don't follow you can see it. An Instagram reel usually lasts between 15 and 30 seconds.

Instagram reels
Wat is een Instagram Reel?
How does an Instagram reel work?

Why an installer?

Creating an Instagram Reels offers the opportunity to express your creativity, reach new people and make your Instagram account more visible. Many people are fans of Tik Tok, so Instagram wants Instareels to be used more. How? As Instagram itself says "short video, big stage". new content is made more visible to a larger audience.

This is how you make an Instagram Reels

  • Open the Instagram app and choose  'Reel'

  • Click on the music icon to add music

  • Choose the length of the reel: 15, 30 or 60 seconds

  • Then you can record your video via the app

  • You can also upload images from your phone

  • Use text, a voice-over, filters or a gif if necessary

  • Click 'next' for the final screen

  • Choose your cover or use an existing image as a cover

  • Add your 'caption' here (text or context of the reel)

  • Choose whether or not you want to see the post on your account page, you can change the image via 'crop profile picture'

  • Click on 'Save as draft' if you want to do the post at a different time or if you want to change something later.

  • Click 'share' if the Reel is allowed online

Create Instagram Reels
More views instagram Reels

How do you get Instareel more views?

By distinguishing yourself. That's easy to say, but how do you do that? A few tips will help you with this: choose a nice cover so that the video stands out, make sure your Instagram Reels is not too long and make the video informative, funny or motivational, for example.

Also try to get a lot of inspiration, viewing and saving Instagram Reels from others can help you see what you like and don't like. And finally, practice makes perfect so make multiple videos and learn what works and what doesn't.

A 'simple' example

The video doesn't have to be long, complicated, or in a unique location to be a success. Example? For a motorcycle related Instagram page we made an Instagram Reels that lasted around 10 seconds. This video now has 366,000 views, 22,300 likes and 136 comments. Conclusion? Short video, big stage.

How do I get more views with my instareel?
Need help? We help you!

More views, likes and interaction? We are happy to help you achieve those goals. With the right strategy, we ensure that your content is seen. 

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